NRancid - Netscreen addon for Rancid.


Expect Code


With this addon, Rancid will be able to automatically back up Netscreen firewall configurations and deposit them into the CVS repository. Rancid does not yet support Netscreen firewalls natively as of version 2.2.2

IP2ASN - grabs AS names and numbers for a given list of IP addresses.


Perl Source


This is a collection of a few scripts designed to read in a list of IP addresses and return their respective AS names and numbers. Online and offline versions are provided whereby route-servers can be used to obtain the AS number or BGP table dumps can be pre-parsed. It is maintained by Team Cymru. A WHOIS version is also available.

BGP Snarf - Watches DNS and critical infrastructure prefixes for ASN hijacking, prefix hijacking, and availability.


Perl Source


This tool was written to assist in monitoring critical infrastructure prefixes and to provide an easy to view status page of output.  It will attempt to catch problems like ASN hijacking, prefix hijacking, and prefix availability.  It is maintained by Team Cymru

jtext - Converts JUNOS function style configs into 'set' statements.



jtext WEB



This tool allows one to automatically convert a JUNOS function style configuration into more CLI friendly 'set' statements. It is currently available in three flavors: console interface, graphical front-end, and web interface. Comments are always welcome! Thanks to Jon Suphammer [] for making the WEB version available on his website.

icgen - ICMP error message generator


Solaris 7


Based on the extensive arguments you specify on the commandline, this tool can generate any and all ICMP error messages including redirects, unreachables, source quench, and others. I've cleaned up the code a bit and decided to release this program to the general public.

scooter - TCP, UDP, and ICMP packet generator


FreeBSD 4.5


In order to perform some Firewall tests, I needed a tool that would generate different packets at a specified rate. This program is the result of that need, and has evolved into a handy little utility to keep around. It currently supports TCP (any flags), UDP, and ICMP-ECHO. Rather than reinventing the wheel, we make use of ipfw and the dummynet interface in FreeBSD for rate-limiting.

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