The Team Cymru Network Monitoring Page


These pages track connectivity between sundry Team Cymru devices. We monitor using ICMP (ping), though this isn't a great measure of performance. For this reason we also monitor connectivity between Team Cymru pods using both TCP and UDP. The TCP and UDP connections consist of a challenge-response system, with aberrant responses logged and analyzed.

We have also included traffic statistics for a small subset of our Darknet pods. A Darknet is a powerful tool for situational awareness, and even these simple traffic statistics can provide early warning of network events.

Also included is our Internet Garbage Meter, an aggregate measure of the bits entering a very small subset our Darknets. Remember that any packet entering a Darknet is aberrant! Thus this truly is a garbage meter, and it's garbage (scans, worms, mistakes) we all endure.

We also monitor key DNS name servers and sundry BGP statistics. You'll find those at the following URLs:

The monitoring links are as follows: